Champ’s Identity

Unfortunately in the cryptozoological world comes alot of controversy. I have seen many arguments online to what Champ is. To be honest with you I honestly think it is foolish for people to bash others on Champ’s identity and also the identity of Lake Monsters around the world. No one knows for certain what these animals are but I am open to it being anything and including an unknown species. Dennis and I believe this animal could be a Tanystropheus BUT just because it looks like this animal DOES NOT MEAN that is what it is. When Dennis first got into Champ over 30 yrs ago, the most likely candidate he thought this animal was , was an Elasmosaurus. Due to the fact that his father captured what later he thought to be a juvenile Champ, the animal had webbed feet not flippers. Who is to say that these feet could not develop into flippers? For example: See PDF Limbs to Fins. Michael Caldwell.

The limbs of Plesiosaurus which were once legs in its ancestors have evolved into flippers which are actually quite stiff.‭ ‬This makes them better for paddling through the water,‭ ‬but cumbersome on land,‭ ‬and certainly not likely to be capable of lifting Plesiosaurus’s body off the ground.‭ Due to evolutionary changes, anything is possible.


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